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Power tools for the modern day Super Woman


We know you are out there in the world mighty and fierce tackling all the things in your daily life so with that I have some helpful tools to keep you in energetic, mental, physical and emotional alignment, even on the toughest of days!

Power Tools for the Modern Super Woman:


Did you know meditation increases Mind Power through whole brain synchronization?

If you can add 15-25 min or more a day to meditate it helps both the left and right hemispheres of the brain to synchronize into deep meditation.


Benefits include:

1. Better memory, focus, higher IQ, and brain power.

2. Helps you align to optimum brainwave frequencies of Alpha, Theta, and Delta.

3. Boosts insight and intuition.

4. Increases Emotional Intelligence

5. Anti-aging helping from Oxidative stress by boosting nitric oxide.

6.Meditation helps relieve the monkey mind and get us into the present moment.


Meditate for 15-25 min a day and see the myriad of benefits:

1. Find a nice quiet space to sit with straight back on a chair or crossed legged.

2. Focus on your breath if you are easily distracted.

3. Feel into your body, feeling your heart beat, the blood flowing through all your body.

4.Allowing any thoughts to flow through like clouds, noticing them, not judging, and letting them pass through.

5.Continue for minimum of 15 min or until as long as you make time for.


Below are other types of breathwork, meditations, and combined breath and visualization, plus breath and sound expression exersices that will help you feel amazing, ground you, balance your energy, mind, body and soul.


Womb Circuitry Breathing: Cultivating your Pleasure Powerhouse:


1. Take three deep inhales and open mouth exhales to drop into your body and into your present space.

2. Next breath, breathe deeply filling up your entire body, imagining you are filling your entire body with healing white light. Deep exhale.

3. 3 Deep Breaths into your womb with intention to connect to your ovaries, uterus, and yoni. Remembering this is the power house of our being. Honoring them with each breath.

4. Next: Do a kegel hold which you will hold for the duration of the inhale. While you breathe in as you hold, imagine energy flowing from your yoni up the front line of your body up to the top of your head. Then let go of the hold as you exhale, imagining the energy flowing from your head and down the back line of your body, down into your perineum and hold for 3 count and repeat. Repeat 5-10 times or as much as you’d like.

5. Lastly Place one hand on your womb and one hand on your heart, breath into the womb, kegel hold, then exhale upwards into your heart. Release kegel. This connects heart to womb energy.

6. With hand on womb and heart repeat the following:

I love my body!

I love my soul!

I love my being!

I am powerful!


Affirmations: to help you center when you find yourself overwhelmed:

~Repeat the below out loud with complete belief as much as needed~


1. I am exactly where I need to be.

2. I release the need for perfection

3. One task at a time is fine.

4. I am getting things done.

5. Peace and joy fill my being.

6. I am committed to living in the present and making the best of each moment I am given.

7. I am thankful for the lesson of stress to return me to my center and to my bliss.

8. I trust and align with the divine flow.


Breathwork -Be Present, Breathe, and Release

>To Release tension, anxiety, and balance emotions


1. Lie down on the ground with your back flat on a comfortable mat.

2. Take long, slow inhalations and exhalations, breathing gently through your nose and into your heart.

3. Continue breathing for 5- 10 minutes, or longer, and pay attention to any emotions that rise to the surface.

4. Be present with any emotions that arise and allow yourself to feel them fully. If you need to cry allow yourself to express this without holding back.

5. Continue to breath through the emotions as they surface and release.


Remember to give yourself permission to feel the emotions with out judgment and without needing to know from where they came from.

Be present, Breathe, and release.


Visualization-3 minute Grounding Meditation:


1.Take a seat with your feet on the ground

2.Take a deep breath in.

3.Feel your body as you inhale.

4.Take a long breath out. Drop into your body with each exhale. Continue for two more breaths becoming heavy in your body with each exhale.

5. Imagine a white sphere of energy above your head making its way down from your crown chakra into your head and down your body and all chakras.

6. Imagine it consuming all tensions, anxiety, stress, cyclical thoughts, anger, and physical pain as it makes its way down to your feet. 

7. Imagine it continuing all the way down to the center of mother earth and transforming into loving energy for the the earth.

8. Last breath in imagining a sphere of gold energy from the center of the Earth making its way to your feet and filling your body and head with warmth and love.



Expression: Breath, Sigh, and release for optimum sleep:

~Great exercise before bed every night~


1. Scan your body from head to toe and notice where there is tension, pain, and any discomfort.

2. Deep inhale filling up your body and deep exhale to release.

3. Deep inhale into areas of discomfort and deep exhale into a deep vocal Sigh release.

4. Repeat into all areas of discomfort giving sound to the discomft that is being released through vocal sighs of any tones that feel like being expressed.

5. Scan your body and rest if you feel complete or repeat exercise if needed.