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Being a Woman is your Super Power!

Welcome to 2019 ladies! Stay tuned for the upcoming Super Woman-Me program which will show you how to harness more of your power, keep you energetically charged, aligned with your purpose, and owning 2019 like the Super Woman you are!

Super Woman Me

The Super Woman Me empowerment course is a 5 week course that will change your life!


This course has been inspired by my experiences this year from being in a powerful container of sisterhood, traversing through the ups and downs of divine relationship, letting go of a 9 year full time corporate job, into complete Trust in Spirit and guidance of Mother Earth as I journeyed first into Columbia from an invitation to live and connect with the indegenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada which was mindblowing and a manifestation of its own.


To journeying into Peru for my fourth time and delving deeper into medicine ceremonies of Ayahuasca, Huachuma, Kambo, Ongo, and Hape. Activated all 10 Munay Ki Rites, whilst going through a break up, working through betrayal down deep into the matrilineal lines of the woman in my lineage, and healing painful wounds.


Stepped into fierce integrity and lead Cacao ceremonies with my dear sister, Co-facilitated a Huachuma ceremony for the first time which was full of insights, and cocreated a retreat to Peru that two of my family members got to be a part of. I opened up to so much more love within me, activated my voice through singing during gatherings, ceremonies, and shared medicine songs while in Ayahuasca ceremonies which I never thought would be possible years before. I journeyed through continuous death and rebirth, realizations, recieving myriads of downloads and transmissions from Mother Earth and Cosmic healing light language.


Then headed into Mexico for an in depth focused womans circle of ceremony, business creation, harnessing the gifts that I have in a way that I can offer them to the world.


Ive been able to detach from dependence in relationships, transfom from betrayal of myself to a balanced and loving relationship with myself, my mission and with others, broke free from the Matrix into self creation, cocreated Retreats in Peru for the first time. Powerfully led a healing and transformative shamanic sound journey with Hape medicine in Mexico for our womans retreat, to returning to San Diego and transforming and stepping into a full loving devotional relationship with a conscious partner.


It's been quite the journey and this is only a part of all the years unfolding, yet the shedding and breakthroughs have inspired me to create this program, and upcoming workshops.


This Super Woman Me course that I am offering will be for a circle of 12 divinely guided and highly intuitive women with open hearts. The women who will be called into this circle will be guided by Spirit and together a vortex of energy will guide us that is well beyond me. I am excited to hold and guide the space for pure magical alchemy to occur.

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